The MCS FLEX employs an imaging grating, an optical input and a CCD or PDA sensor array. The core of the spectrometer is a blazed flat-field grating for light dispersion and imaging. T

The MCS FLEX System is built for mobile high performance measurement;. It delivers precise results in the lab as well s during process monitoring. The flexible design makes it suitable for many applications, and it can be directly integrated into at-line, on-line and in-line inspection processes. Depending on the specific application, different designs of the central body are available. Cross-section converters and detectors can easily be customized on request. 


Components of the MCS FLEX family

  • Fiber cross-section converter and/or slit as optical input 
  • Imaging, aberration-corrected grating 
  • Photo diode array or back-thinned CCD as opto-electronic output are attached to a central body 
  • Interfaces, processing software and support