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Having access to data is what allows anyone to do more, but that data shouldn't belong to anyone but you. With our KNOW YOUR GROW collection we are highlighting analytical tools that are completely independent of the lab. These fully at-home testing products are perfect for everyone from the homegrower up to the largest cultivations.


Start Your Grow Right

Fully At-Home Testing

Genetic Tests

  • Genetic Male Detection

  • Type I (+THC)

  • Type II (1:1)

  • Type III (+CBD) 

  • CBG allele detection


Pathogen Tests

  • Hops Latent Viroid

  • Fusarium​

  • Powdery Mildew

  • More to come

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Finish Your Grow Strong

Purpl Pro's potency analysis capabilities allow any grower to monitor progressing cannabinoid levels during the flowering phase of cultivation. The +H2O feature pack provides moisture % and water activity to ensure proper handling during the drying and curing phases.

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