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Overview Spectrometer Modules


In the last few years, ZEISS has developed a large number of diverse spectrometer modules for very different applications and requirements. All of these modules offer a key benefit: all spectrometer parts are permanently affixed to each other. This ensures a very high degree of insensitivity to mechanical vibrations and thus a high level of reliability. 


Moreover, the entire design is maintenance-free, i.e. recalibration is not necessary. The foundation for the high quality of the spectrometer is the technological know-how at ZEISS for mathematical designs, structuring (grating manufacture and replication), coatings and material processing. Ultimately the joining technology is decisive for ensuring a high degree of insensitivity to influences such as vibrations and, especially, temperature fluctuations.


Spectrometer module


Criteria for the
spectrometer system 

Determing the

measurement method

Operating electronics for

spectrometer module

Device drivers/software and software development 

Interface Electronics


Need More 

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