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The PearlAqua is the world's first UV-C

LED product designed for water

disinfection. It integrates state-of-the-

art LEDs into a unique and compact

design, without the use of chemicals or

mercury-based lamps. 


The Next Revolution: UV-C LED Technology 


Biocontamination Integrated Control for Wet Systems for  Space Exploration (BIOWYSE) foresees development and demonstration of an integrated bio-contamination control system for water and humid areas, to be demonstrated on the International Space Station.


In an industrial environment, water must be treated before entering the process to ensure its quality and properties meet the appropriate specifications. In addition, stringent discharge regulations and increasing need for reuse of waste streams creates a demand for such cutting edge technology.


The PearlAqua harnesses the power of ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy pathogens in the most natural way possible, without adding any harmful chemicals.  The PearlAqua has been compactly designed to be a Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-Use (POU) system.  


The PearlAqua harnesses the power of UV-C LED light to deliver clean, safe water to those who need it most.  The system acts as a final barrier between the human body and the pathogens that attack it; assuring hospitals, nursing homes, and dental offices have the purest water possible.  

The PearlAqua is theworld's first UV-C LED product designed for water  disinfection. It integrates state-of-the-art LEDs into a unique and compact design, without the use of chemicals or mercury-based lamps. 

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PearlAqua OEM

  • Advanced UV performance 

  • Simplified system integration

  • Lightweight/affordable

  • Digital/analog signal options

The PearlAqua OEM is engineered to be integrated into existing products and processes.

The PearlAqua is our flagship device which comes fully equipped for maximum environmental protection.

  • All inclusive/self-contained system

  • Robust construction

  • Incorporated fan & heat sink

  • External lamp indicators


PearlAqua Micro™

Our PearlAqua Micro is simply the world's smallest UV disinfection system, ideal for point-of-use integration.

  • New category of UV Disinfection - Micro UV™

  • Advanced flow cell design

  • Lightweight/affordable

  • Extremely versatile

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