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Air Treatment

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Airborne diseases and bacteria can wreak havoc on delicate systems or sterile environments. The UV-C LED system PearlAero provides air disinfection through precise UV disinfection and an innovative LED reactor design.

Specialized Curing
and Disinfection

PearlAero is an instant on/off, mercury free, UV-C LED based system. It operates quietly and is active instantly when air is flowing. The PearlAero disinfects at a cool temperature to ensure no promotion of fouling in the duct. Low power needs of the LEDs allow for reduced costs and solar options. The PearlAero is easily retro-fitted into any duct system  including existing filter systems. The small size of the LEDs allows for a variety of new applications unseen in UV air disinfection.


HEPA filters offer 99.97% filtration with particles and organisms bigger than 0.3 microns. The UV-C LED light used in the PearlAero inactivates pathogens regardless of their size. Selectable wavelength becomes a possibility with UV-C LEDs allowing for targeted inactivation of specific pathogens. Coupling HEPA filter systems with the PearlAero as a "polisher" system provides true airborne infection control and peace of mind. 

Air Treatment

pearl air.PNG

Small size of the lamp allows for easy
retrofitting into existing systems.


  • Small confined rooms

  • Recirculating air-flow

  • Small research rooms

  • Food & beverage process rooms​

  • Humidifiers

  • Odor control on fume hood

  • Evaporated water mist

  • Post HEPA filter "polishing"

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